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I've just discovered [Sunday
08/27/06 @ 5:24pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I have a boring life! nothing ever happens!

oh the joys of parent hood!

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08/19/06 @ 9:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]

another saturday night in the house, doing nothing but sitting blankey on the comp *glares* and playing guitar, i was invited out tonight for a work mates leaving do,  but i really didnt fancy it,

Getting pissed off with a person at work, she's all like i'm so depressed and i want constant attetion, I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE WHO CRAVE ATTENTION! well thankfully she leaving real soon, so thank fuck for that!

I gotta 6 pack of budweiser, and a big bottle of that shitty smiroff ice or however it's spelt, so i'll drink them tonight.

I need a new P.C! someone please donate me one?? PLEASE?!

Hope your all having a nice weekend by the way!

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08/10/06 @ 6:14pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Two simple words for the terrorists.



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08/06/06 @ 10:19am]
Yup, things have been kinda shit recently, i wont bore with details though, and most of it is kinda personal.

yesterday i was on a major bummer. no idea why, none what so ever, ever had one of those days??

Chris has been doing real good for himself this week, he had a pretty nasty bust up with his girlfriend, and this week you can tell he's deffinatly moved on now, which i'm glad of!

what else?? ummm nope nothing

i'll leave you in piece
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07/28/06 @ 12:09pm]
i'm sat here thinking to myself

- Why do cars cost you so much money?
- Why does the area i live in suck so much
- i really need my own place
- i need a new car
- i gotta better on the guitar
- why the fuck is my hair taking so god damn long to grow!

saw guns n roses on tuesday night, best concert i've ever been to!

went to brean (near weston super mare) yesterday with Claire and Isabelle, claires mother baby group organised a day to go, so i didnt have to drive down, which was cool, meant i could have a drink when i was down there!!

today i just had to spend £45.50 on a new tyre for my car! twas angry about that! roll on fucking pay day! someone should invent a money tree!!
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07/24/06 @ 8:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well just made it back from a weekend in blackpool...

twas a good weekend, didnt do much on the friday just basically chilled and got hammered on the night, danced in a few bars then went to the manchester bar and stayed there, and drank drank drank!


my mate chris managed to find a micheal jackson mask up there so he brought that, then we hit the clubs found an 80's bar, danced away to duran duran, aha, human leauge.

then they said over the microphone that micheal jackson was in the building, aka a drunk chris, so they played thriller. then these gays started dancing with him and handing tthere t-shirts to him so he gotta kinda scared when they started touching him. so we left, and we got outside and chris said one of the funniest things i've heard...

"jesus christ sanj, i believe in adam and eve not adam and steve, know what i mean?"

anyways danced and drank long into the night and the last club we went to Klub DNA someone spiked his drink with a class A substance, he got outside walked down the road, said he felt ill, then collapsed on the floor and started fitting. so i got the ambulance out and he spent the rest of the night in hospital, i went with him down there andat 5:30am they told me to leave cos there was no point being there, and i had no money on me, they told me it was a 2 HOUR WALK BACK TO THE SEA FRONT! so i managed to walk back, half pissed with one shoe. i dunno where that shoe went. but yeah managed to get back ok, lot of muttering and swearing involved, met up with some scots who were still drinking, so they brought me a bottle of budweiser. so that was cool, finally made it back to the hotel. collapsed on the bed and stayed there.

Chris was let out around 10am, after police talked to him, and they gave him a lift back to the hotel, bastard!

Oh yeah on the saturday went to the theme park in blackpool. fucking brilliant and you get an all day pass, so on the night after been drinkin since 4pm the went back into the park and was going on the massive rollercoasters half-pissed, all good fun!

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07/04/06 @ 8:35pm]
[ mood | hot ]

just brought myself a guitar of ebay oops!

oh well! it was to good an offer! still gonna buy my randy rhodes though!

once again it is way to hot. just watchin the world cup semi finals, germany vs. italy been very good so far!

also found out today that i have hayfever! fun for me!

everyone ok?

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07/03/06 @ 9:14pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Well yup England went out in the quater finals against portugal...... :(

nevermind, Euro 2008 will be ours!! *crosses fingers*

Buying a new guitar pretty damn soon! i'm getting a Jackson Randy Rhodes if thats makes any sense to anybody lol!

what else, umm nothing much took my baby to weston-super-mare on friday had a fuckin cool day down there.

Man it's to fuckin hot!

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06/10/06 @ 9:20pm]
Yay! World Cup Madness today! i've sat and watched all 3 matches so far today, yup i'm that boring.

I've been up since 5am this morning, to go to work to do some overtime because christ i seriously need the money!!

so i done 6am - 12pm came home, and got ready for

ENGLAND Vs. Paraguay

First half was fan-fuckin-tastic for england and scored in the first 3 minutes, then kept loads of pressure on them until about 40 minutes, then they started getting chances which was worrying!

2nd half, England were so crap, let Paraguay walk all over them! we managed to hold out and bag 3 points, but seriously need to get there formation sorted!

So after that finshed i watched

Sweden Vs. Trinidad And Tobago

This matched ended up goaless but christ, twas an amazing game to watch, everybody thought that Sweden had that game in the bag. But Trinidad were fantastic!!

Now i'm watching!!

Argentina Vs. Ivory Coast

Once again the Argies thought they would beat ivory coast hands down, and yes the Argies are winning 2 - 0 but Ivory have been superb, and have been causing real problems for Argentina!!

Sorry to all the peeps who don't even like Football or as some say "Soccer" but i fuckin love football!
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06/09/06 @ 7:55pm]
[ mood | hot ]

wow it's real hot here!!

world cup is on now! yay! bad luck to costa rica who put up a fantastic performance against germany in the opening game! 4 - 2 in the end!!

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06/03/06 @ 2:34pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


so yes i'm happy.

Went to watch funeral for a friend last night, had to leave the concert early as my mate chris real hurt his neck, but i was to drunk to really give a shit about the bands playing,

we arrived about half way through fightstars set, we've been drinking from 1:30pm so i was kinda drunk, then just went to the bar and got loads more booze. after downing most of it, basically sat down and couldnt get back up for ages.

then FFAF came on, and chris nearly got into a fght with the security guard! lol they were pushing eachother. and chris shouting i aint fucking scared of you! get into this guys face. so that was quite fun to watch. but FFAF i thought weren't in great from, there Hours album is crap, there first album is so much better! so we sang along to the old songs then chris hurt his neck. so we come away, went back his ate pizza, i passed out on his couch then woke up to find quizmania was on lol i don't what it is about that show but it's kinda addictive! so after a while i came home and jumped into bed and had 3 hours sleep til izzy woke me up wanting her bottle! lol

cant believe that izzy is now 6 months old, christ it's gone so fast!

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05/28/06 @ 10:57pm]

so it was my daughters christening today, it was ok i guess, christened in the catholic faith, i aint really into all of it, but it was my daughters day so whatever is going on between me and claire, was put on hold for today.

i didnt go to the after party, because my nan came up and had sunday lunch with us, and i'd felt funny with all of claire's family there. so me, ian and chris went to the pub after lunch, shame i had to come back early, cos the beer was flowing and we was having a laugh wetting the babies head! i could have stayed all night and just got majorly pissed. oh well friday at funeral for a friend i'll be very drunk!

So yep booze = fun times!

i'm going to bed now, as i'm off to the safari park with my beautiful daughter 2moro!

Have a good bank holiday!
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05/26/06 @ 8:33pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

lets just say this week has been fucking shit!!

Thats all.

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05/24/06 @ 9:44pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Basically all i've done today is played animal crossing for about 3 hours straight and then sleep all afternoon! was mondo tired!!

might be getting some new tattoos done soon! ^____^

And i've come to the decision that i'm growing my hair long as i was planning anyways but when it's quite long, i'm gonna have it put into dreadlocks! i know a place in birmingham that do it for £50!

I wonder if there is on a product on the market to make your hair grow faster?

Ho hum.

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05/22/06 @ 11:02pm]
Everybody have a good weekend? mine was kinda alright i guess. didn't do much just sat round, playing animal crossing on the gamecube! so fucking addictive!

been busy today, going into town then to banks and the post office! dropping in cheques, paying off bill and buying jiffy bags! then wander round town into HMV, why i go in there for i dunno, to expensive, went to look at the anime, was tempted to get Final Fantasy Advent Children. then walked over to the guitar shop, and got talking to these kids about Trivium, which was kinda cool and random.

What else? nothing really,. my baby daughter isabelle is fine! um thats about it!
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05/20/06 @ 10:32pm]
[ mood | angry ]

fucked big time now!

Not even can i go watch guns n' roses at download festival doe to lack of funds, they've decided to play the Hammersmith Apollo London too! which no way i can travel to london and get back, as once again lack of funds!!! grrrr!! plus it's london and it's a bitch to get around! so thats ticked me off!! i'll live though!!

Oh and anyone wanna swap an xbox with 5 games for playstation 2 (dun care if it hasnt got any games!) just need a bog standard PAL ps2!!!!

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05/18/06 @ 12:45am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I've been signed off work for another 2 weeks as my operation wound isnt healing that good!

so anyways i'm really gonna try to go back to work soon!! and now that i've had my operation i can really knuckle down and get some money in!

So plans for the rest of the year

1) do 4 - 6 hours overtime every saturday.
2) now and then do a saturday night overtime 11pm - 5am
3) Get myself out of debt
4) Get a better car
5) Get Money together for Blackpool
6) get enough cash built up ready for me when i move out!

Thats about it really! real gonna do some major ass overtime, need all the money i possibly can!! i dont want to be in debt no more!!

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05/14/06 @ 9:39pm]
so yeah if do have one of those myspace profiles! add me if you wanna!


and I thought we would be there by now...

05/10/06 @ 12:17am]
[ mood | enraged ]

Bah, crappy day to the max!

had massive arguements with my ex, so we aint talking, so thats real put me in a bad mood!

What else have i done today, i've been to the pub this afternoon to have a quick bottle of budweiser and a quick game of pool, which turned into a long game, after these kids made a comment about chris's weight, so chris went beserk, so i tried to calm it down then they made a comment about my dress apperance. so that went well! anyways managed just walk away, stupid fuckin chavs!

last night i was really thinkin of getting a mohawk, but for of the Fan kind rather than the spikes, had the spiked mohawks a couple of times, they just get annoying after a while, kinda getting fed up with my longish hair, lookin a bit toooooo emo!

So what else have i done other than that, sat round alot watching too much tv, and playing the psp!

thing what has fucked me off the most today is, is that anti flag and the unseen are playing birmingham academy and tickets r i think £14, but i cant drum up support for people to go with me, it's a shame when all your mates like heavy metal music, i mean dont get me wrong heavy metal is cool, can't beat punk music though, not even with a iron bar! tell me something, us punks a dying breed? there is no-one in this fuckin town who is a punk! sweet fucking no body!!

no punk bands come to play, so anyone in the Redditch area! if you are a punk and would like to start a band!! come out of the fuckin wood work!!

OH yeah, this is the thing what really pissed me off today, my tyre on my car had got a massive puncture in it, just after i got it fixed! so yeah crappy day! and i dunno i just felt like a rant!

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05/06/06 @ 8:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

BORED! sums up what kinda frame of mind i'm in!

Well, last couple of days have been kinda good i suppose, i've been hanging around with my mate Ian lately, he is super good on the guitar, so he's been teaching me, dragonforce, van halen and metallica songs oh and pantera's walk! lol

so yeah about after 8 hours straight guitar playing, i can do quite a bit more on the guitar than i used to!! i love playing guitar!!

Then after that, sat around talking until 3am! and made some shepards pie at 2am was ok, dont think it was cooked right though!

but yep bored as sin!! theres only so much you can play of grand theft auto vice city b4 slamming the controller down lol!

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